Revival Beer Glass / 48cl / 24pcs

Revival Beer Glass / 48cl / 24pcs
  • Revival Beer Glass / 48cl / 24pcs
  • Revival Beer Glass / 48cl / 24pcs
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Product description

Revival beer glass, volume 480ml, height 144mm and diameter 90mm.

The Turkish glass manufacturer Pasabahce is one of the world's largest manufacturers, and with almost a hundred years of tradition, it puts products on the market that have the best ratio between quality and price.

Material: glass
Volume: 48cl
To serve: beer
Quantity: 24 pcs

Characteristics of the Revival line:
Revival characteristics- Tempered glass: The special technology of hypnegic cooling of the cage surface changes the molecular composition of the glass and thus increases the resistance to mechanical influences up to 2.5x and increases the temperature resistance (eg T up to 110°C).
- Stackable: Products, which are based in such a way as to ensure the best possible vertical stackability and at the same time during hot stacking and cooling, they will not get stuck into each other.
- Nucleated glass: Special basis for the shape and composition of the jar, which enables optimal foaming of the contents of the jar, and thus a better user experience when drinking.

44.40 €