Hill Tumbler / 20cl / 6 pcs

Hill Tumbler / 20cl / 6 pcs
  • Hill Tumbler / 20cl / 6 pcs
  • Hill Tumbler / 20cl / 6 pcs
  • Hill Tumbler / 20cl / 6 pcs
  • Hill Tumbler / 20cl / 6 pcs
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    6.11 €

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    7.45 €

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Product description

The Turkish glass manufacturer Pasabahce is one of the world's largest manufacturers and, with almost a century of tradition, puts products on the market that have the best ratio between quality and price.

The glass is made of tempered glass, which gives it a higher resistance to breaking and crushing, and greater resistance to temperature changes.

Material: glass
Volume: 20cl
For serving: water

Quantity: 6 pieces
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Features of the Hill line:

- Tempered glass: special technology of rapid cooling of the glass surface changes the molecular composition of the glass and thus increases resistance to mechanical influences up to 2 .5x and increases temperature resistance (cf. T up to 110°C).
- Stackable: products that are designed to ensure the best possible vertical stackability and at the same time when hot stacking and they will not get stuck in each other during cooling.
- Extra resistant: Products that have been tested to be extremely resistant to the external influences to which they are subjected during daily use.
- Professional use: The lines produced by Pasabahca are produced with the professional user in mind.

7.45 €