Wok Aluminum / 26cm / 3,5mm / Nonstick

Wok Aluminum / 26cm / 3,5mm / Nonstick
  • Wok Aluminum / 26cm / 3,5mm / Nonstick
  • Wok Aluminum / 26cm / 3,5mm / Nonstick
  • Wok Aluminum / 26cm / 3,5mm / Nonstick
  • Wok Aluminum / 26cm / 3,5mm / Nonstick
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Product description

Aluminum pans with an insolution coat (without PFOA) are an extremely popular choice of professional chefs, as they allow cooking with extremely few fats (oil, butter ...), while being extremely practical and easy to clean. The unwanting coating (without PFOA) is applied with special technology of gradual layering of layers, which gives the coating exceptional strength and durability with unparalleled gripping results and simplicity of cleaning.

The professional line of aluminum kitchen pan has many advantages. Aluminum, as a material for making professional pan, is:

- Extremely good thermal conductor, which means that the food inside the aluminum pan is heated evenly everywhere, allowing the cooks to effectively control the cooking temperature. Food -covered pan walls overheat due to good thermal conductivity, which in turn means less carbonization of food residues at the edges. Not only do burns do not change the taste of prepared foods, prepared dishes are also much healthier.
- Resistant to impact and fever, as well as abrasion (scratches) and corrosion. Above all, aluminum is very easy to maintain.
- Extremely lightweight. A fact that should certainly not be neglected, especially in everyday use in kitchens, where the weight of the gadgets to chefs is often a great challenge.
- Suitable for easy recycling and reuse, thus much less burdensome for the environment than other metals.

Aluminum pans are characterized by exceptional versatility, so they are often the first choice of professional chefs, and manufacturers choose aluminum for the production of professional lines. Aluminum pan lines are consistent with the HACCP control system, and the material does not contain nickel.

Types of cookers: all kinds except for induction

Material: aluminum, an unspecified coating (no pfoa)
Diameter: 26cm
Height: 8.6cm
Weight: 1.02kg
Volumen: 3.18L

29.83 €