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Thermobox Dinnerbox / 44x37x14cm

Thermobox Dinnerbox / 44x37x14cm
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    52.78 €

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    64.39 €

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Product description

Thermobox is an ideal solution for all remote situations where we do not have electricity at hand to either heat or cool dishes. Styrofoam as a good insulator ensures that the contents of such a box from the styrofoam retain its original temperature for as long as possible, thus extending its freshness.

This thermoport or serving thermo box is suitable for transferring dishes prepared for immediate serving. You can put either round or rectangular containers and two containers for attachments and other dishes (every 300ml) in thermobox. Thermobox has two, physically separate space, for the simultaneous transfer of hot and cold dishes. If desired, more thermoboxes can be loaded on top of each other, and for easier recognition, each thermobox has a color labeling space.

External dimensions: 44x37x14cm
Color: blue

> The price applies only to thermobox, without containers.

64.39 €