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Casablanca Highball /36cl/Mark 0.2-0.3L

Casablanca Highball /36cl/Mark 0.2-0.3L
OZNAKA 0,1 in 0,2L
  • Casablanca Highball /36cl/Mark 0.2-0.3L
  • Casablanca Highball /36cl/Mark 0.2-0.3L
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    0.96 €

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Product description

The Turkish Pasabahce glass manufacturer is one of the world's largest manufacturers and, with almost a century of tradition, puts products on the market that have all the best value for money.

a glass made of tempered glass, which gives it higher resistance to it fracture and crunching, and greater resistance to temperature changes.

Material: glass
volume: 36cl
for serving: juice

glass It is equipped with an appropriate metro-scale for volume 0.2l and 0.3l.

Casablanca line properties:
 Pasabahce Casablanca
- Tempered Glass : Special technology of instant cooling of the glass surface changes the molecular glass composition, thereby increasing resistance to mechanical influences up to 2.5x and It raises temperature resistance (sp. About folding and at the same time hot folding and cooling will not get stuck in each other.
- Extra Resistant : Products that are tested extremely resistant to external influences that are subject to daily use. < Professional use : Pasabahce lines are produced with a professional user.
- Fill mark (MID) : Glassworks Pasabahce products are produced and marked in accordance with Directive 2014/32UE mid.

0.96 €