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Primary Lowball / 27cl

Primary Lowball / 27cl
  • Primary Lowball / 27cl
  • Primary Lowball / 27cl
  • Primary Lowball / 27cl
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    13.08 €

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    15.96 €

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Product description

Series chef & amp; Sommelier is made with the thought of the market to offer as thin a glass that sounds nicely, combined with a completely transparent material that gives a good look to the content. The result of both is the krysta material, which is also extremely solid and impact resistant.

The Primary line on the table expresses its timeless charm , or When you serve water in it, non-alcoholic beverages, or even present accompanying mini-rows ...

French manufacturer ARC puts innovative materials and shape into the center of its progress. Due to their constant progress and innovative solutions, they are a popular partner of the world's largest hotels, restaurants and bars. Stylish and strong, innovative but still favorable. Thus, they describe their products at the second largest glassmaker.

Material: KRYSTA
Volumen: 27cl
for serving: water, soft drinks, cocktails
quantity: 6 pcs < BR />Properties of Primary line:
Chef Sommelier Line characteristics
-- Strong>: At the thickness of the edge of the 1,2mm and the thickness of the stalk, only 6mm, the 30% better strength of the KRYST material (compared to other crystal glasses) must be completely expressed.
- combete transparency :: For better presentations and easier admiration of content, the transparency of the KRYST material is at the top between crystalline glasses.
- Perfect Acoustics : for a sophisticated sensory experience, glasses of KRYST material have a special sound.
- Longlasting Brilliance : Even after 2000 cycles in a professional dishwasher, krysta glasses keep their original glow.

15.96 €