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Wine Glassware

Wine Glassware on Stems differs, in addition to the design of the lines, also in a few below-mentioned key features:
CE MARKING - Glassware that is labeled in accordance with the 2014/32UE MID directive, which ensures that the volume markings on them are gauged appropriately.
TEMPERED GLASS - Rapid cooling of the glassware after its production changes its molecular composition and thus increases its impact resistance (up to 2.5x) and increases its resistance to high temperatures (change T up to 110 °C).
CRYSTAL GLASS - The use of higher quality raw materials gives crystal glass greater purity compared to ordinary glass, and thus a clearer appearance. Crystal glass is also more resistant, which allows the walls of the glasses to be thinner, giving them a distinctive premium feel.
THIN EDGE - Cutting the upper edge of the glassware with the help of a laser allows for the thinner edges, with fewer irregularities that occur during production. Thanks to the laser cutting, the edges are also more durable and brake less.
STACKABLE - A design feature that allows the glassware to be stacked stably on top of each other and can be easily taken apart when stacked (hot). Stackable glasses also take up less space when stored.
UNBREAKABLE - Special lines of plastic glasses that are practically unbreakable and do not pose a potential risk of cuts and injuries.