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Cabernet Stemglass / 47cl / 6pcs

Cabernet Stemglass / 47cl / 6pcs
  • Cabernet Stemglass / 47cl / 6pcs
  • Cabernet Stemglass / 47cl / 6pcs
  • Cabernet Stemglass / 47cl / 6pcs
  • Cabernet Stemglass / 47cl / 6pcs
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    18.36 €

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    22.40 €

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Product description

Chef & amp series; The sommelier is made with the thought of the market to offer as thin a glass that sounds nicely, combined with a completely transparent material that gives a good look to the content. The result of both is the krysta material, which is also extremely solid and impact resistant.

Cabernet line combines its lean form , debt and < Strong. to the center of your progress. Due to their constant progress and innovative solutions, they are a popular partner of the world's largest hotels, restaurants and bars. Stylish and strong, innovative but still favorable. Thus, they describe their products at the second largest glassmaker.

Material: KRYSTA
Volume: 47cl
for serving: white wine
Quantity: 6 pcs
properties Cabernet lines:
Chef Sommelier Line characteristics
-- >: At the edge of the edge 1.2mm and the thickness of the stalk only 6mm, the 30% better strength of the KRYST material (compared to other crystal jars) must be completely expressed.
- combete transparency : for Better presentations and easier admiration of content is the transparency of the KRYST material at the top between crystal glasses.
- Perfect Acoustics : For a sophisticated sensory experience, glasses of KRYST material have a special sound.
- Longlasting Brilliance : Even after 2000 cycles in a professional dishwasher, keep glasses of KRYST material its original glow.

22.40 €