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Nancy Salt Grinder / 30cm

Nancy Salt Grinder / 30cm
  • Nancy Salt Grinder / 30cm
  • Nancy Salt Grinder / 30cm
  • Nancy Salt Grinder / 30cm
  • Nancy Salt Grinder / 30cm
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    33.70 €

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    41.11 €

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Product description

Peugeot mills are distinguished by special mechanisms that are sanded automatically. Peugeot has become a must -have equipment of all better kitchens and gourmet corners with its grinders, as a special way of grinding spices allows for optimal spice utilization of the spice and fully maintains its odor and taste.

It is also complemented by the visual effect of Acrryla transparency - the grain of the salt in the housing look like they are eagerly waiting for them to come for the grinding. Nancy salt is primarily a very pleasant appearance, but it is also an almost stylish necessity for every table. The rotating button at the top allows the unit control over the grinding of grinding, from that very fine, to more rough - for perfect spicy every dish. In the kitchen, the grinder became an instrument of choosing all flavors lovers.

Purpose of grinding: for salt
height: 30cm
Color: transparent
material: Acrryl

41.11 €