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Nancy Salt Grinder / 30cm

Nancy Salt Grinder / 30cm
  • Nancy Salt Grinder / 30cm
  • Nancy Salt Grinder / 30cm
  • Nancy Salt Grinder / 30cm
  • Nancy Salt Grinder / 30cm
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    39.33 €

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    47.98 €

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Product description

Peugeot grinders are distinguished by special mechanisms that grind automatically. With its grinders, Peugeot has become a must-have accessory for all better kitchens and gourmet corners, as the special method of grinding spices enables optimal use of the spice being ground and fully preserves its smell and taste.

An unbeatable shape, which is complemented by the visual effect of acrylic transparency - the grains of salt in the housing look as if they are impatiently waiting for their turn to be ground. The Nancy salt grinder, first of all, has a very pleasant appearance, but at the same time it is almost a stylistic necessity for every table. The rotary knob on the top enables easy control over the coarseness of the grind, from very fine to coarser - for perfectly seasoned every dish. In the kitchen, the grinder has become the instrument of choice for all taste lovers.

Purpose of grinding: For salt
Height: 30cm
Color: Transparent
Material: Acrylic

47.98 €