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Paris Pepper Grinder / 22cm / Black

Paris Pepper Grinder / 22cm / Black
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    34.83 €

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    42.49 €

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Product description

Peugeot mills are distinguished by special mechanisms that are sanded automatically. Peugeot has become a must with its grinders with all the better kitchens and gourmet corners, as a special way of grinding spices allows for optimal spice utilization that grinds and fully preserves its smell and taste.

With a shiny black finish, It is a world -renowned silhouette of pepper pepper pepper. This wooden hand grinder is equipped with a patented Peugeot Grinding System - U'Select. With this ingenious function, adjusting the size of the grains to exactly the size you want is extremely easy. The system is very practical, with its six -stage, located at the bottom of the grinder that the user can easily choose by rotating the lower part of the grinder. The pepper pepper grinder is distinguished by a unique grinding mechanism with a lifetime warranty. This grinder is a true tribute to the senses and flavors, on the table as well as in the kitchen.

The purpose of grinding: for pepper
height: 22cm
Color: black
material: Wood

42.49 €