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Linea / Grinder Stand

Linea / Grinder Stand
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Product description

Peugeot mills are distinguished by special mechanisms that are sanded automatically. With its grinders, Peugeot has become a must -have equipment of all the better kitchens and gourmet corners, as the special way of grinding the spices allows for optimal use of the spice that is gr were grinding and completely maintains its smell and taste.

Salt and pepper pepper grinders are often as inseparable as we are. Because of this, we offer a tray so that your Peugeot grinder can always be together, moreover, with a convenient holder, you can easily carry them from the kitchen to the table with the help of this stand. The tray is suitable for all peugeot grinders narrower than 64mm and lower than 16cm. The pedestal is lightweight and relatively unprecedented on the table, its main role is to emphasize the beauty of the Peugeot Mill, which is on it.

Dimension: 19 x 9 x 15 cm
Material: Acrryl

13.66 €