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Cast Iron Pan / 80cm / Indukcija

Cast Iron Pan / 80cm / Indukcija
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    314.31 €

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    383.46 €

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Product description

Cast iron pan 80cm in diameter, with a long handle. Cast iron pans have many advantages, from good retention and heat storage, to good insulating ability. Due to the resistance and density of the material, the cast iron pan is practically impossible to overheat or damage it with external thermal influences. Cast iron pans are extremely resilient and are actually almost eternal in the kitchens.

The cast iron pan allows baking with an even and extremely high temperature, which allows the cooks to a more constant temperature of the heated surface, which will certainly be less concerned with cooking.

Instructions for use: Heat the pan well before use to reach the highest temperature and coat it with a thin layer of oil (oils are recommended, which are also suitable for higher temperatures). You return the oiled cast iron pan back to the fire and after a few minutes, when the fat is well absorbed, the pan is suitable for baking - on a well -prepared cast iron pan, the food should not be overly gripped!
Cleaning Instructions: Clean with warm water and cloth, wipe it dry after dishwashing and lightly oil to overthrow the formation of air rust.

Diameter: 80cm
Height: 12cm
Material: iron

383.46 €