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Thermobox Eco / GN 1/2 /39x33x18cm/ 10L

Thermobox Eco / GN 1/2 /39x33x18cm/ 10L
  • Thermobox Eco / GN 1/2 /39x33x18cm/ 10L
  • Thermobox Eco / GN 1/2 /39x33x18cm/ 10L
  • Thermobox Eco / GN 1/2 /39x33x18cm/ 10L
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    33.12 €

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    40.41 €

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Product description

Thermobox is an ideal solution for all remote situations where we do not have electricity at hand to either heat or cool dishes. Styrofoam as a good insulator ensures that the contents of such a box of styrofoam retain its original temperature for as long as possible to prolong its freshness.

This thermo box is ideal for transferring GN vessels 1/2, with an internal dimension 33x27x11 cm. The thermobox has two sets of grooved grooves for easier transmission and a special innovative groove inside, for easier insertion of trays and GN vessels. Resistant material (PPE) and innovative rounded design of the corner parts of the box will provide a longer thermobox life. Termobox's performance is available in three different heights.

Temperature loss from 1 to 3 degrees C per hour, depending on the temperature of the content and the surrounding area.
Temperature range: between -40 and +120 Degrees C

External dimensions: 39x33x18cm
Internal dimensions: 33x27x11cm
volume: 10l
color: black

40.41 €