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Riserva Champagne Glass / 18cl / 6pcs

Riserva Champagne Glass / 18cl / 6pcs
  • Riserva Champagne Glass / 18cl / 6pcs
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    12.57 €

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    15.34 €

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Product description

The largest Italian manufacturer of Bormioli Rocco glasses, since 1825, has been producing glass so that it can offer you a product for your every story.

They say that the table is a magical space where we live and tell our stories. With centuries of tradition, they accompany your experience with special Italian playfulness.

Thanks to crystal composition, such glasses can have a glass -thin wall, and therefore more beautiful, with equal strength of the glass.

Material: Glass
Volume: 18CL

properties of the Riserva line:
 Bormioli Rocco Riserva
- Star Glogs : Crystal glass without lead, provides brightness and purity, thus a better term content.
- Laser Cutting : With the help of a laser, cut off the top edge of the glass means that the glass will also be suitable for the most demanding uses.

15.34 €