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Frydet / 500G / Deep Fryer Cleaner

Frydet / 500G / Deep Fryer Cleaner
  • Frydet / 500G / Deep Fryer Cleaner
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Product description

Tablets for cleaning professional fryers, their baskets and steel surfaces. Quickly removes burnt oil and grease, leaving surfaces clean and shiny.

USE: Deep fryers, steel containers... : Drain the oil and close the valve. Fill the container with water until you reach the oil level. Add 1 tablet to every 10 liters of water. Turn on the fryer and boil the solution without exceeding the temperature of 100 °C. After cooling and draining, remove any residue with an abrasive sponge or brush. Rinse well with water. Warning: DO NOT use on copper, brass, aluminum or rubber products.
DOSAGE: 1 tablet for household fryers; 2 tablets for small fryers (20L); 3 tablets for large fryers (30L); 2-3 tablets for degreasing metal equipment.

Quantity: 500g

Quality Sanitec professional cleaners intended for professional users in the field of HoReCe and industrial cleaning have been produced in Padova, Italy since 1975. In a few decades, the company with extremely high-quality product lines, accompanied by an innovative approach to production and marketing, managed to win a leading position in the market.

20.91 €