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Shallow Alu Pan /24cm/Induction/Nonstick

Shallow Alu Pan /24cm/Induction/Nonstick
  • Shallow Alu Pan /24cm/Induction/Nonstick
  • Shallow Alu Pan /24cm/Induction/Nonstick
  • Shallow Alu Pan /24cm/Induction/Nonstick
  • Shallow Alu Pan /24cm/Induction/Nonstick
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    33.36 €

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    40.70 €

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Product description

Type of cookers: All types, INDUCTION INCLUDED

For 50 years, the Spanish manufacturer Valira has been defending the fact that if you want to take someone over, you do it through their stomach.

The Chef pan made of cast aluminum has an extremely long service life and is extremely resistant to deformations of all kinds (thermal, physical...). The multi-layer titanium coating, which DOES NOT CONTAIN PFOA (Teflon), LEAD, CADMIUM, ensures excellent anti-stick properties. Thanks to the aluminum, the pan conducts heat extremely well, which means that the food in it heats up evenly and very quickly - the walls where there is no food do not overheat and thus the food residues on the edges do not burn - the food we prepare is healthier and tastes better. Thanks to the innovative handle, the pan is also suitable for heating in the oven (up to 260°C).

Thanks to aluminum, the pan is extremely light, which significantly helps with long-term use in kitchens. The handle of the pan is made of stainless steel and therefore does not overheat, and thanks to its innovative hollow shape it remains cool to the touch.

Material: Aluminum, Titanium coating
Diameter: 24cm
Weight: 0.8 kg
Thickness: 6mm

40.70 €