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Food Storage Container 1/3 / 15cm / 6L

Food Storage Container 1/3 / 15cm / 6L
  • Food Storage Container 1/3 / 15cm / 6L
  • Food Storage Container 1/3 / 15cm / 6L
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    8.10 €

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    9.88 €

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    1 kos

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    GN 1/3

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Product description

Container for storing food and other perishable foods without BPA content, dimensions GN 1/3 and height 15 cm.

The storage container in purple is already visually different from other containers in the kitchen and thus enables the strictly separate storage of foods that must not come into contact with allergens. Together with the attached lid, the food storage container will make it possible to seal it airtight, thereby prolonging the freshness of the food we store (up to 25%). Despite the tight closure, the lids can be opened easily thanks to the specially designed handle on the lid.

With the lids of the closed food storage containers, they can be safely stacked on top of each other, and after use, thanks to the polypropylene (PP) construction of the food containers, they can be easily washed in the dishwasher. The temperature range of using the food container is from -40°C to +80°C.

Characteristics of ARAVEN ANTI ALLERGIC food storage containers:
- BPA FREE: produced from ABS plastic, containers do not contain BPA
- AIRTIGHT: airtight lids that do not allow water and air to pass through, reduce food oxidation
- LABEL: marking in accordance with the regulations of the food legislation Reg (CE) 852/2004 and Reg (CE) 178/2002
- DISHWASHER SAFE: suitable for machine washing
- TEMPERATURE RANGE: from -40°C to +80°C
- PURPLE IDENTIFICATION: purple color for strict separation and differentiation from other containers

Length: 325mm
Width: 176m
Height: 150mm
Capacity: 6L
GN size: 1/3

9.88 €