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Pizza Peel / 33cm / 145cm / Pro / Perfor

Pizza Peel / 33cm / 145cm / Pro / Perfor
  • Pizza Peel / 33cm / 145cm / Pro / Perfor
  • Pizza Peel / 33cm / 145cm / Pro / Perfor
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Product description

Professional pizza peel with a diameter of 33 cm and a handle length of 110 cm is made of high-quality aluminum, which is hardened by anodization, which allows the paddle to have less friction with the dough, safe contact with food and a long lifespan.
< br />Perforation of the peel brings many advantages: Easier gliding - less surface of the peel means less friction between the peel and the dough. The holes are additionally smoothed and rounded at the edges to make the dough slide on and off the paddle more easily, which means that you will be able to use less flour on the surface of the preparation surface. Lightness: The perforated peel contains less material, which is positively reflected in its weight, which will certainly be appreciated by those who deal with it for a long time. Less smoke: If less flour is used in baking, less smoke is produced as a result. Better taste: No more burnt and bitter aftertaste caused by burnt flour under the dough. Less cleaning: If there is less burnt flour, this will also have a good effect on the cleanliness and condition of the oven after use.

Diameter of the loading surface: 33cm
Length of the handle: 110cm
Racket length: 145cm
Weight: 0.91kg

50.06 €