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Mirage Wine Glass / 57cl / 6pcs

Mirage Wine Glass / 57cl / 6pcs
  • Mirage Wine Glass / 57cl / 6pcs
  • Mirage Wine Glass / 57cl / 6pcs
  • Mirage Wine Glass / 57cl / 6pcs
  • Mirage Wine Glass / 57cl / 6pcs
  • Mirage Wine Glass / 57cl / 6pcs
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Product description

Designed to ensure the optimal taste and aroma of their contents, the Mirage red wine glasses by Nude are produced from the finest lead-free crystal. With a characteristic shape that slightly tapers towards the top, the glass is extremely simple in design and at the same time extremely durable, making it suitable for everyday use.

Handmade by the masters of the Nude manufacturer is a real legacy, which is also reflected in the glasses that come from their hands. At the manufacturer Nude, they can proudly boast of their artisanal approach to the production of glasses. Their products are thus handmade, either blown or hand pressed.

Thanks to the crystalline composition, such glasses can be compared to glass thinner walls and, as a result, a more beautiful sound, with the same strength of the glass.

The Nude brand seeks its light under the sun with the slogan Simple is beautiful and defends the position that everything that exists today was once just an idea. Therefore, when creating the products of this series, they reach for ideas that seem unrealizable to us today.

Height: 207 mm
Diameter: 75 mm
Volume: 570 mL

Material: Crystal
For serving: Red wine
Quantity: 6 pcs

Features of the Mirage line:
Nude characteristics
- Crystalline: Glasses produced from Crystalline, a lead-free crystal that enables the same strength with a thinner glass thickness, for a more premium feel.
- Durability: Extremely high resistance, suitable for 5000 wash cycles in professional dishwashers (2000 washes in domestic dishwashers).
- Professional use: Nude lines are produced with the professional user in mind.
- Brilliance: High purity and transparency of the glass, which ensure its exceptional clarity combined with shape and design that ensure a better development of aroma, color and flavors to create the best possible drinking experience.
- Breakage resistance: High resistance to breakage, perfected to perfection.
- Tapered rim: A particularly thin edge, characteristic of products of the highest quality class.

31.82 €