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Alhambra Oval Plate Gourmet /19x11/ 6pcs

Alhambra Oval Plate Gourmet /19x11/ 6pcs
  • Alhambra Oval Plate Gourmet /19x11/ 6pcs
  • Alhambra Oval Plate Gourmet /19x11/ 6pcs
  • Alhambra Oval Plate Gourmet /19x11/ 6pcs
  • Alhambra Oval Plate Gourmet /19x11/ 6pcs
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Product description

The Alhambra line finds its inspiration in the details of the walls of the Alhambra Palace, where eastern architecture and western culture flow and complement each other. The Alhambra line thus elegantly brings the magical beauty of the East to your table.

The premium porcelain brand BONNA was founded with the aim of providing innovative products and solutions for professional (HoReCa) users, and with its varied history, the brand itself is the result of more than 40 years of experience. Bonna brand strives to meet the present's needs, without further endangering future generations. The very quality of their products strives for longer-term use and thus contributes to sustainable development.

The manufacturer offers a LIFETIME WARRANTY against EDGE CHIPPING on this line.

Features of Bonna porcelain:
Bonna Premium Porcelain
- Lifetime Edge Chip Warranty: Bonna lines (marked with b) push the traditional limits of durability - the manufacturer offers a lifetime edge chip warranty on them.
- Transculency: Extensive R&D has allowed Bonna to make their white porcelain products translucent, while expressing an elegant ivory white, giving their products a unique glow under a light source.
- Stackable Design: An indispensable feature of products for professional users, as it enables more stable storage and, most importantly, in a smaller space.
- Glaze Damage Resistance: Through R&D, Bonna managed to develop a state-of-art glaze application technique that gives their products extremely high resistance to scratches.
- Microwave & Oven Safe: Due to the use of premium and durable raw materials and the ingenuity of R&D, Bonna products are suitable for use at higher temperatures, which are also reached by professional ovens.
- Dishwasher Safe: Highly resistant Bonna glazes protect their products from aggressive and corrosive washing cycles in professional dishwashers.
- Thermal Shock Resistant: Due to the use of premium raw materials and extremely hard glazes, Bonna products are resistant to sudden temperature shocks and extreme temperature conditions.

104.09 €